We aim for the future

Linde Metallteknik and our sister company Hjort-conveyor have a long and successful tradition of delivering products and services of high quality. We stand strong thanks to our good relationsships with customers, suppliers and our personell.
It is our intention to continue to develop and grow the company. This will be done by incresed focus on our customers, improving our internal processes and investments in new technology.
In order to support this, we have hired Dag Richardsson, who will take up the position as Managing Director of Linde Metallteknik AB as of November 15, 2019. Dag has a long history within the business and he brings good knowledge from the branch.
Dag and Eva Olofsson will form the management team for Linde Metallteknik.
Ola Linde remains Managing Director of Hjort-conveyor AB.

Johan Forssman
Chairman of the board

Welding for tough requirements.

A modern and fully equipped sub-contracting shop for the design, manufacture and installation of everything from simple parts to advanced assemblies and custom designed plants. We carry out in-house laser cutting, turning, milling, welding, bending and powder coating.

High-end qualified welding:

  • ISO 3834-2 certificate för demanding welding requirements.
  • EN 15085-2 CL-1  certificate for welding of railway vehicles and componets.
  • EN 1090-2 certificate for CE marking of structural steel.
Powder coating of large and heavy items, up to 6,5m  length.

Service and preventive maintenance as well as emergency repair of within the industrial sector.


Our customers are both local and global, including energy-, paper-, defence- and manufacturing industry.



We can also offer complete solutions in cooperation with our subsidiary:

Hjort-conveyor AB

A full range global supplier of material handling systems, including lightweight cranes, manual conveyors, overhead conveyors and floor conveyors to Power & Free conveyors for loads up to 3,500 kg.