Laser cutting

How it is done?

The laser beam is produced by a laser source and is directed by means of mirrors or fiber optics perpendicular to the material to be cut. The laser beam is focused through a lens to a point near the surface of the material, this is then formed to a narrow cut when the intense light beam hits the workpiece. Laser cutting provides a very high smoothness and the cut may be as narrow as a few tenth millimeters, although the squareness of the cut is good.

We have:

  • A top modern Bystronic 4kW laser cutting machine with 0,1mm precision.
  • Large stock of plates for short lead times.
  • Experianced and knowledgable personel.

We offer:

  • Plotting of the details to be cut if a dwg/dxf file is unavailable.
  • Laser cutting of single pieces or small to large series.
  • Laser cutting in carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum or copper.
  • Cutting capacity up to 20mm in carbon steel and 15mm in stanless steel.
  • Good prices!