Our resources

Laser cutting maching
Bystronic 4kW, 3000x1500mm

20 mm carbon steel

15 mm stainless steel

10 mm aluminum

Bed milling machine
Mecof digital

X: 4500 mm.

Y: 900 mm

Z: 1700 mm

Multi-op 3-axis milling machine

MAS MCV1000,  20 tools
X: 1000 mm
Y: 600 mm
Z: 600 mm

Welding equipment

MAG, method 135/136

MIG, method 131

TIG, method 141

MMA, method 111

Gas, method 311

Butt weld method  24

Rounding machine


Width: 2000 mm

Plate thickness: 10 mm

Power shears

3000 mm x 8-10 mm

Radial drilling machine


Pinacho CNCLathe

• Fagor Control system
• Ø over bed 400mm
• Ø over sleigh 315mm
• Length 1500mm
• Spindle passage 105mm


Masturn 70 CNC Svarv
• Heidenhain Control system

• Ø over bed 800mm

• Ø over bed 540mm

• Length ca 4500mm

• Spindle passage 128mm

• Weight max 3500kg


Mobile boring rig

Working range:

Boring - Ø224-965 mm

Planing - Ø506-1070 mm

Length - upp till 4000mm 


Axial feeding head along the shaft. Hydraulic motor for rotation.

Can be used for working with us or on location.

Press brake

Bystronic CNC

Press force: 250 ton

Length: 4000 mm

Tube- & sheet metal bending machine

Euromac 80 ton

For plates, tubes, bars, etc.

Ring rolling

Roundo. For rolling of

- square tubes
- angle iron
- c-profiles
- u-profiles
- more...

Cutting maschines

Kaltenbach and bandsaw

Tapping machine

2" UNC

Punch machinge

Mubea 500/600

Lifting capacities in our shop

5 + 10 ton, lifting height 5,5 m