What does quality mean to us?

At Linde Metallteknik we put the customer at the heart of our quality work.
To accomplish this, we work in a systematic approach, which means that we plans, implements, monitors and acts within all our areas to meet and even exceed customer expectations.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide quality oriented customers highly qualified, welded and machined products and components in small or medium series and to offer service and maintenance, for the good cooperation and to generate profits for both them and us.

Our quality policy

  • ​All our commitments, all our actions, our deliveries and services are characterized by high quality, professionalism and confidence.
  • Our customers will perceive us as a very good partner.
  • Our customer demands and requirements shall be met by our commitments to meet customer expectations and agreed conditions.
  • Our aim is to continuously improve operations by having clear and measurable quality targets.
  • We must educate, inform and encourage our employees to commitment, participation and accountability for quality work.
  • We will ensure that our products offer the best possible protection against damage to people, animals and property and meets all current and applicable laws, regulations and standards.